28 Jul 2010

Q2 profit better than erxpected for Deutsche Bank

12:27 pm on 28 July 2010

Germany's biggest bank has posted a better than expected second quarter profit, despite its exposure to eurozone sovereign debt being worse than previously thought.

Deutsche Bank made $US1.5 billion in the three months to June - up 9% on the same time last year, largely because of lower provisions for bad loans.

But revenues at its investment banking business fell because of the turmoil in the financial markets.

Despite passing recent stress tests run by European regulators, Deutsche Bank is under pressure to reveal its exposure to indebted members of the eurozone.

So it's now revealed it has exposure of $US1.4 billion to central and local Governments in Greece, $US1.3 billion to Spain, and $US10.5 billion to Italy.

Bank of New York Mellon chief currency strategist Simon Derrick says Deutsche Bank should have published the figures earlier.