12 Sep 2010

Nokia appoints Microsoft executive as new head

3:44 pm on 12 September 2010

Finland's Nokia has appointed Microsoft business manager Stephen Elop as its new chief executive.

Mr Elop - the first non-Finn to head Nokia - will replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, a lifelong employee who had been chief executive since 2006.

The BBC reports the appointment may mark a sea-change in strategy at the top of the company.

In July, Nokia reported a 40% slump in second quarter profits, as it has struggled to maintain its lead in the booming smartphone market.

Mr Elop will take up his new position at Nokia on 21 September.

He is leaving his current job as the head of Microsoft's Business Division after only 20 months with the US software giant.

Prior to working at Microsoft, he has also held senior positions at Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems and Macromedia.

Mr Elop said his job was to "take the organisation through a period of disruption".

He said that the technology world was facing a "moment of fundamental disruption" thanks to the advent of the smartphone, social media such as Facebook, and "cloud computing" which uses the internet to increase the capabilities of home computers.