18 Oct 2010

David Jones sexual harassment case over

1:17 pm on 18 October 2010

The David Jones sexual harassment case, involving former company publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk, has come to an end after both sides reached an out-of-court settlement.

David Jones has confirmed the settlement amount is $A850,000, inclusive of all legal costs and expenses.

Ms Fraser-Kirk, who launched the $A37 million case, says that because there were no punitive damages, she would not be giving any of her settlement money to charity.

The ABC reports it also includes a smaller contribution from former chief executive Mark McInnes.

Mr McInnes issued a statement welcoming the settlement on Monday, saying it brings to an end a difficult time in many peoples' lives.

He repeated his view that the majority of allegations levelled against him were untrue and that the "nature of the court proceedings was an abuse of process".

In a separate statement, Ms Fraser-Kirk said the case has led to real debate about sexual harassment taking place.

"This has been a difficult journey but one that I felt was important. The case has led to real debate taking place which I am confident will lead to change," she said.

"That is part of what the punitive damages claim was intended to achieve, and it has."