19 Apr 2011

IMF move on currency flows welcomed by NZ

12:41 pm on 19 April 2011

The Exporters & Manufacturers Association is welcoming a move by the International Monetary Fund to find ways to address the imbalances caused by large inflows of money from overseas.

The IMF last week issued a framework aimed at helping governments worldwide to manage volatile capital flows.

A number of countries are grappling with large inflows of overseas capital, which cause their currencies to climb, make exports less competitive, and potentially lead to destabilising surges in prices for houses or other assets.

It's the first time the IMF has endorsed capital controls, but it recommended they be used only under certain conditions.

The Exporters & Manufacturers Association says New Zealand represents about 1.6% of the global foreign exchange market, but in GDP terms, it accounts for only about 0.2% of the global economy.

Chief executive John Walley says the imbalance needs to be addressed.