24 Aug 2011

Asian markets seen as airport growth area

7:13 am on 24 August 2011

Auckland International Airport Ltd says its growth in 2012 will come from Asian markets.

The company is forecasting an annual profit for the coming financial year in the $130 millions, excluding any effects that further volatility in global financial markets may have on the business.

However, chief executive Simon Moutter says that the airport business has shown its resilience during the recent periods of economic turbulence and natural disasters.

Mr Moutter says the biggest increase in travellers in the foreseeable future will come out from the growing Asian economies of China, India and other southeast Asian nations.

He says that is where the airport has been concentrating most of its air services development work in Asia to ensure New Zealand gets a preferential share of the flows from these countries.

He says that will make a big difference to the New Zealand economy through increased tourism and trade.