7 Sep 2011

New Zealanders 'too trusting with digital data'

7:09 am on 7 September 2011

A survey has found New Zealanders are too trusting with their digital data, and are prime candidates to be duped by cyber criminals.

The anti-virus and Internet security company, AVG surveyed 13,000 people in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Britain to find out how savvy about internet security they were.

New Zealand came out bottom of the table, with 41% of respondents only using one password online, while over half don't use a password for their cell phones.

AVG's Lloyd Borrett says New Zealanders are far too relaxed about their personal and financial information.

He says 39% of New Zealanders share their personal data and share their passwords, and need to learn to be less trusting online.

Mr Borrett says Australians and Americans came out on top, but each country had their own strengths and weaknesses.

He says New Zealanders were least likely to be duped by scams and only 18% had been duped that way, but the figure was higher elsewhere.

Mr Borrett says people should change passwords often and not share them, back up data in case smartphones, tablets or notebooks go missing, and use security software.