3 Oct 2011

Big money beckons in WA

3:13 pm on 3 October 2011

Big money continues to be made in the Australian mining industry.

Radio New Zealand's Sydney correspondent reports skill shortages in the mines of Western Australia are said to be getting worse.

And unions are making the most of it. The construction union has proposed a benchmark for labourers in WA of $A137,000 per year.

Carpenters would receive $A142,000 for a 45 hour week.

While the mines may be able to afford that, construction companies in the cities can't.

That's leading to a leakage of workers from Perth towards the towns of the Pilbara.

A crane operator or waterside worker can almos t$A200,000 per year there, including living allowances and superannuation. Not bad work if you can get it.