25 Oct 2011

Cup win translates to economic benefit - UK researcher

7:34 am on 25 October 2011

New Zealand's Rugby World Cup victory is expected to provide a temporary boost to the country's economy.

The head of the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallan University Professor Simon Shibli has been researching the economic impact of big sporting events since the 1996 European Football Championships in England.

Professor Shibli says just hosting the six-week tournament will have provided a short, sharp boost to the New Zealand economy, but the win will add something extra.

He says there is a "feel good" factor that translates into increased productivity, increased economic benefit, increased opportunities for foreign trade, and exploiting the win.

Tournament sponsor Mastercard has released research predicting the All Blacks' victory could inject up to $62 million dollars into the economy.

The figure is made up of the increased value of the players, bonus payments attached to sponsorship and increased attendance at future rugby matches.

Mastercard's report says in addition an estimated $78 million would have passed through Auckland tills last weekend made up of spending on hospitality, accommodation, marketing and sports betting.