14 Nov 2011

Post-Cup business deals underway

6:33 am on 14 November 2011

Millions of dollars worth of business deals are underway, following VIP networking events during the Rugby World Cup.

In a post-Cup tally, Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development says investment deals are in the pipeline, which could deliver up to $150 million to Auckland's economy.

Business development manager Clyde Rogers says more than 8100 people attended networking events at the Business Club during the tournament, of whom half were from overseas.

He says between now and March some deals are likely to be done in the aviation sector, in biotechnology and in the food and beverage areas.

Mr Rogers says he will report on the progress of specific deals in March.

Sir Stephen Tindall attended some of the events that were organised to introduce potential investors to businesses during the Rugby World Cup, and says deals were made.

He says the World Cup brought a vast number of people to New Zealand who would not normally visit this country.