14 Dec 2011

Plan to nearly double value of Auckland tourism

9:32 am on 14 December 2011

The Auckland Tourism agency wants to nearly double the value of the sector inside the next decade.

Tourism spending in real terms has been flat in Auckland for five years.

The Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development agency has drawn up a 10 year visitor plan to lift a $3.3 billion industry to $6 billion.

General manager Rachel Dacy says marketing collaborations with the private sector will seek growth on several fronts.

She says it's not just about the number of visitors that come, but what they spend and how long they stay.

Ms Dacy says there are some key areas such as conventions and businesses which Auckland will need to proactively bid for which would see a big uplift in the value generated through the visitor economy.

For the first time the agency will begin marketing Auckland domestically as a destination, which could include package deals and long weekend propositions to come to Auckland.

Ms Dacy says this will generate domestic visits, but also ensure that New Zealanders know what Auckland has to offer so they can advocate for Auckland to their friends and family and people around the world as well.

She says the Auckland visitor plan forecasts a lift in ratepayer funding from $17 million per year, to $35 million, subject to council approval.