27 Jan 2012

NZ dollar predicted to rise further

7:45 am on 27 January 2012

The New Zealand dollar is continuing to appreciate and some analysts say it could fly higher in the next week if a resolution is reached on the Greece's debt talks.

The kiwi broke a three month high on Thursday against its US counterpart after the US Federal Reserve said it would keep interest rates low until the end of 2014.

Investors reacted by selling the greenback and buying up the kiwi because of its higher yields.

By Friday morning the New Zealand dollar had risen above US82 cents, its highest level since September.

HiFX senior currency trader Dan Bell says the New Zealand dollar will remain volatile because of global uncertainty.

He says markets are at present reacting quite positively to the announcement from the US Federal Reserve, but the European debt crisis is far from being resolved which will keep the New Zealand dollar contained against the US over the next few months.

Mr Bell says current debt talks in Europe could be good news for the kiwi.

He says the Greek debt discussions between European officials and Greek private bond holders are continuing in the background.

Mr Bell says the discussions are expected to progress and an agreement to be reached in the next week or so, which should be a positive for the New Zealand dollar.

He says the New Zealand dollar could continue to trend higher in the next week or so.