Cowles Stadium repair decision upsets some

12:04 pm on 7 April 2012

Christchurch City Council has announced it will pay $480,000 to repair the earthquake-damaged Cowles Stadium.

The stadium, in the suburb of Aranui, will have its roof and walls repaired and is expected to re-open by early August.

The council says that although a geotechnical report has shown some land under the building has sunk, this has not significantly affected the building and it can still be repaired to 100% of the new building standards.

The decision to spend on stadium repairs has disappointed some people living in the severely quake-damaged eastern suburbs, who say the council has its rebuilding priorities wrong.

Some locals say they look forward to having recreational facilities back, but they would rather see their homes and properties repaired.

One, the Reverend Mike Coleman, says the restoration of council facilities needs to be done in conjunction with the residential rebuild.

"(Cowles Stadium) has all its geo reports done and it's going to get fixed up by August - and many folk out east and right across the city are being told it'll be five years before they even get a geo report on their land."

He says there has been no overall repair plan for the city made public and it is becoming increasingly frustrating.