Review should include all emergency services - lawyer

7:14 am on 16 April 2012

A lawyer says a newly-announced review of the Fire Service's initial response to last year's February earthquake in Canterbury is not extensive enough.

The Fire Service has confirmed an independent review will be carried out, following criticism from its own staff.

Nigel Hampton represents Alec Cvetanova, whose wife died in the CTV building on 22 February last year.

He says the response of all emergency services to the quake must be examined by an authority that can call witnesses and change laws.

Mr Hampton says a Royal Commission into the response of emergency services is needed.

Maurice Gardiner - whose sister Donna Manning lost her life in the CTV building - says he and his family couldn't fault the response from Christchurch fire crews.

He says he saw professionals doing their very best in the most horrific of circumstances but if lessons can be learnt then a review is a good idea.