Canterbury Museum to stay closed for months

9:30 am on 19 April 2012

Canterbury Museum has been closed until further notice while investigations into the structural integrity of some of its buildings are completed.

The museum's director, Anthony Wright, says two of the institution's seven buildings are at 35% of the building code.

Mr Wright says the museum's board has decided that's a little close to the 33% cut-off below which buildings are considered earthquake-prone.

"The board has quite rightly adopted a very cautious and conservative approach and they wish to be completely sure about the structural strength of the buildings before they're reopened to the public."

Mr Wright says engineers will be looking for quick and easy ways to strengthen the buildings so they can be reopened as soon as possible.

He says the museum may be closed for several months and staff will continue to be paid while working from home.

The other five buildings meet a very high percentage of the building code, he says.