Another delay in decision on Christchurch suburb

6:03 am on 1 May 2012

The decision on the fate of land in the Christchurch suburb of Southshore has been delayed for a third time.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority had told 400 Southshore residents that a decision would be made on whether they can remain on their land by the end of April.

Authority chief executive Roger Sutton says a decision has not been reached as the issues in Southshore are very complex.

"I understand the frustration, the anger, the disappointment, but we want to get an answer which we think is the correct answer rather than one which has got our best guess on the day."

Property owner John McCombe says the delays are financially crippling for his family.

Mr McCombe owns three properties in the suburb. He left Christchurch after the June 2011 aftershock and bought a house in the North Island, thinking there would be a decision on Southshore in September.

He says all his savings are going towards the mortgage on the North Island house.

"We are just financially crippled, and it's getting to the stage now that we will perhaps lose our house that we're in now because we just can't maintain our mortgage."