Zoning announced for more Christchurch properties

1:30 pm on 18 May 2012

Another 600 properties have been given the go-ahead for rebuilding in Christchurch while almost 200 have been red-zoned.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee made the announcement on Friday.

Mr Brownlee said 198 homes in the suburb of Southshore, closest to the estuary, will be zoned red meaning the land can no longer be lived on.

Another 203 properties in the suburb have been zoned green, which allows rebuilding.

The minister announced that 421 properties in the Port Hills have also been green-zoned, leaving 1679 hill property owners still awaiting a decision.

Mr Brownlee said another 500 properties in east Parklands would remain green-zoned following a review of damage sustained in the area in the 23 December earthquake.