CTV columns brittle, did not meet code: engineer

6:31 pm on 9 August 2012

A structural engineer who investigated the collapse of the CTV building says he has never seen columns with as little reinforcing.

Murray Jacobs has been giving evidence on whether the building complied with codes to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission hearing into why it collapsed, killing 115 people.

Dr Jacobs said in his extensive engineering experience he had not seen concrete columns like the ones that failed in the CTV building during the February earthquake last year.

He says the columns did not meet the code requirements of the time as they were brittle and not designed to take stress without breaking.

Mr Jacobs told the Commission earlier on Thursday morning that the building did not comply with the code in a number of respects.

The owner of the engineering firm that designed the building, Alan Reay, is due to present more evidence later in the day.

One of the authors of a report which was carried out by the former Department of Building and Housing following the building's collapse, is also due to appear.

This is the seventh week of the Royal Commission's inquiry into the collapse.