Govt to release final parts of EQRC report shortly

8:47 pm on 3 December 2012

The Government will release the final parts of the report of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission before Christmas.

Those parts include the investigation into the collapse of the CTV building, the training of civil engineers, and local government management of earthquake risk.

Prime Minister John Key says the Royal Commission's recommendations have potentially wide-ranging implications for the entire country, not just Canterbury.

Mr Key says the Government has already released the first three volumes of the Royal Commission's report and accepted all of the 70 recommendations.

Mr Key says volume four will be released first and then the final three a bit later.

He says the Government's response will not be included with the final three volumes so the families referenced in the report can have access to the information as quickly as possible.

"We also feel it's important to separate the release of the last four volumes as they deal with quite distinct and complex issues."