CDHB worried people still in quake damaged homes

5:02 pm on 3 March 2013

The Canterbury District Health Board is worried about the impact the coming winter will have on people's health, in houses still in disrepair following the Canterbury earthquakes.

A board member says they are very concerned about housing issues as people are living in unhealthy environments due to their homes not being fixed.

Board member Anna Crighton says local and central government are doing something towards improving housing, but not enough.

She says living in damp, unhealthy conditions is not good for people and the hospital has to deal with the end result of the situation.

Ms Crighton says although housing is not within their scope of influence it is in the board's interest to support good housing.

A recent survey conducted by the board with the Mental Health Foundation showed people feel more stressed from dealing with issues linked to the rebuilding of their homes than with the earthquakes themselves.