New subdivision gets green light

12:28 pm on 15 May 2013

A Christchurch subdivision for 2000 houses has been given council approval but it's not yet known how much of the land will need remedial work.

On Tuesday, Christchurch City Council appproved the rezoning of 260 hectares of land at Highfield Park from rural to residential.

The director of the development, Roy Hamilton, says parts of the site are equivalent to earthquake-damaged TC3 land but the specifics aren't yet known.

He says geotechnical experts have said any problems can be fixed with remedial groundworks, the cost of which will be borne by the developers.

Mr Hamilton says if a 30-day appeal period ends without objection, detailed design work will begin and the land will be fully assessed.

He hopes the first residents will be on site in spring next year.