Aftershocks continue

4:16 pm on 5 September 2010

Christchurch was still being shaken by aftershocks on Sunday.

Between 8pm Saturday and 10am Sunday, 19 aftershocks were reported by the Geonet website, the largest, at 5.20am, was 5.1 on the Richter scale. The total since 4.35am on Saturday, is almost 60.

One at 12.44pm on Sunday, measuring 4.3, lasted for well over 10 seconds.

All were centred south of Darfield, close to the centre of Saturday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake which struck at 4.35am. The aftershocks varied between 5km - 15km deep.

Central Christchurch resident Peter Commandeur says bricks and masonry continue to fall from damaged buildings with each aftershock.

Mr Commandeur, who lives on the corner of Bealey Ave and Colombo Street, says showers of bricks from older buildings have damaged cars and shop awnings.

He says many old buildings which are not cordoned off, may still be unsafe.

Mr Commandeur says spectators are continuing to walk along the footpath to take photos, including groups of tourists and people pushing strollers.

In Sumner, an underground pipe has burst sending water gushing about 30 metres into the air, onto a nearby house. Resident Penny Richardson said the fountain of water blew a large crater in the Head Street footpath.

Scary night for family

One family of 10 in Darfield spent Saturday night sleeping under their dining table.

Neil Smith says he and his wife huddled with his eight children on the concrete floor, which kept cracking with every aftershock.