16 quake-hit sections too expensive to fix

1:54 pm on 20 October 2010

Sixteen homeowners have been told it's not cost-effective to repair their land, which was damaged by the Canterbury earthquake. Another 1200 have been advised their sections can be fixed.

Earthquake Commission representatives and Government officials are meeting the 16 property owners, and the other home owners are being phoned, ahead of the public release of the engineer's report on Thursday.

Those who can rebuild on their land will receive the Earthquake Commission's maximum payout of $100,000 dollars plus GST for their house, topped up by their private insurance company.

The owners of the 16 properties which are deemed too expensive to fix will also receive the Earthquake Commission's maximum cover for their house, along with a payout for their section.

This will be based on the pre-earthquake, market-value for a minimum sized lot under their local council's city or district plan.

A spokesperson for Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the owners of the 16 sections may choose to have their land repaired to a standard that receives resource and building consent, but this will be at their own expense.