Aftershocks drive residents from Christchurch

3:23 pm on 28 December 2010

Aftershocks in Christchurch on Boxing Day have driven some residents out of the city. Hotel and motel bookings are also affected.

The quakes damaged 115 buildings and glass, bricks and masonry lay in the streets afterwards.

The strongest tremor, at 10.30am on Sunday, had a magnitude of 4.9 and was 12km deep.

Timaru Top 10 holiday park operator Gordon Collister says several people have moved their bookings forward to get out of the city early and the holiday park is full, with new bookings for others trying to get away from the shaking.

The Hotel Association in Christchurch says bookings have been lower since the first earthquake in September and the latest aftershocks have not helped matters.

But the Motel Association says the dip has been balanced for motels by the $2.2 million the Earthquake Commission is spending to house personnel in the city.