Quake business group vows to keep pressure on council

9:01 am on 20 February 2011

A group set up to represent the business community following the Canterbury earthquake is vowing to keep up pressure on the council.

The 7.1-magnitude quake on 4 September caused widespread damage in the region.

The Christchurch City Council organised a meeting on Saturday to provide more information on the rebuilding process and included representatives from a residents group, the Earthquake Commission and the Insurance Council.

Despite assurances from the council to give the public more information about the recovery process, the secretary of the Canterbury Business Recovery Network says it will continue to fight for members.

Mark Hau says the group was pleased with how the meeting went, but it will continue to lobby the council for information they feel should be released to the public.

Mr Hau says people in the community are confused and want to know when and how their city will be rebuilt.