People urged not to panic buy petrol

8:56 pm on 24 February 2011

Oil companies are urging Christchurch people not to panic buy petrol, saying there is plenty of supply.

Shell, BP and Caltex have all reopened some of their sites in the city following Tuesday's devastating quake, but say people are unnecessarily panic-buying, fearing that stocks will run out.

In some cases, service stations have had to close or restrict their supply to emergency vehicles.

A queue for a petrol station in New Brighton stretched for 1km on Thursday, even though the station is closed due to the quake.

Oil companies say stocks are running low because of an unnecessary run on petrol - not because of a shortage of supply - and are urging people to only buy the fuel they need.

The companies say the BP fuel terminal in Lyttelton reopened on Thursday and another is expected to open on Friday.

In the meantime, oil companies are trucking fuel to Christchurch from Timaru which has no shortage of stocks.