EQC to ask Government to increase payout

8:56 pm on 24 February 2011

The Earthquake Commission says it will ask the Government to increase the $100,000 maximum it can pay out for earthquake damage.

Lance Dixon from EQC says the $100,000 limit for house damage has not changed since the early 1990s and it is likely that the law relating to the agency will be reviewed following the powerful Christchurch quakes on Tuesday and in September last year.

Mr Dixon says the EQC is likely to repeat previous requests to the Government to raise the limit but would not say by how much.

An actuary, Jonathan Eriksen, says higher EQC cover would help those facing an increase in private premiums.

However an analyst at credit ratings agency Standard and Poor's, Mike Vine, says more cover would lead to big costs for the Government which could be passed on in higher EQC levies.