Hundreds of defence personnel helping

9:29 pm on 27 February 2011

The New Zealand Defence Force says it has more than 1100 personnel working in Christchurch.

Staff are producing 1900 breakfasts, 2200 lunches and dinners and 350 midnight meals each day.

They have delivered more than 100,000 litres of water and are continuing to use a desalination plant to produce clean water in the New Brighton area.

The Air Force has moved more than 1800 people since Tuesday, and 148,000 kg of freight in the past 24 hours.

The force says two of its Environmental Health teams are also in the city liaising with the Ministry of Health.

Nearly 130 Singapore Army troops are working alongside the New Zealand personnel.

Territorial boost

Territorial soldiers from across the North Island arrived in the city on Sunday to help with the cleanup in the suburbs.

The 80 soldiers from the four North Island Territorial units will work with residents to clear sediment from streets and properties.

Already 164 South Island Territorial soldiers based at Burnham military camp are helping out with the cordon around the central city as well as with security.

Defence Force Chief Lieutenant General Rhys Jones visited the city on Sunday.