Cliff fears after days of rain

10:45 pm on 8 March 2011

Civil Defence is monitoring the Redcliffs cliff face after days of heavy rain in Christchurch.

The earthquake caused the cliffs to crack and there are new concerns the rain may have further weakened it.

About 200 properties were evacuated from the Redcliffs and Clifton Hill areas last week after the cracks appeared.

People have been asked to watch for any widening of cracks or land movement after a weekend of rain.

Suburb 'last on the repair list'

A resident in the Clifton Hill area says after two weeks without essential services, the well-to-do area feels like it's last on the repair list.

The lines company, Orion, says between two and three hundred customers in Clifton Hill remain without power.

At a community meeting yesterday, anxious residents hoped for some good news, but were told it could be another week yet before electricity returns.

Merryn Corcoran says she feels the area is being left behind and that two weeks after the quake, the area has no portaloos, generators or water supply.

Orion says a diesel generator may be brought in later this week.