Unstable lift shaft to be removed from CTV building

12:36 am on 9 March 2011

Civil Defence says it is unclear how many people were initially rescued from the CTV building and how many are missing.

National Controller John Hamilton says the site remains highly unstable, in particular the lift shaft which he describes as very susceptible to aftershocks. Work will begin soon to remove the lift shaft.

And he says it may be some time before the exact number of those missing and rescued is clarified.

"This is a very complex picture, work is ongoing and police are not in the position at this stage to give precise figures of the numbers rescued from the site or the numbers who may still be missing and attributed to this site."

The families of people who are known to have died in the building were taken to the the CTV site on Monday.

They left a large pile of flowers and teddy bears to remember those they lost.

Mr Hamilton says the police are trying to determine how many people were in the CTV building at the time of the earthquake, and calculate how many were rescued initially.