7500 leave Christchurch for school

11:10 am on 16 March 2011

Nearly 7500 Christchurch children have enrolled in schools in other centres since last month's earthquake.

Ministry of Education figures show most are in South Island schools, but more than 800 are in Auckland and three students have gone to the Chatham Islands.

Schools around the country have been encouraged to accept Christchurch students since the quake.

By the start of this week, those enrolments had reached more than 7460, or 12% of the nearly 60,000 children who attended Christchurch schools before the quake.

One Christchurch primary school says a third of its pupils are enrolled in other parts of the country.

However, principals say some children are starting to return to the city and the Government expects 143 of the city's schools to be open this week.