More jobs to go in quake city

9:44 pm on 24 March 2011

Employees at the Hotel Grand Chancellor and the Arts Centre have been told they will lose their jobs following the Christchurch earthquake.

Almost 100 workers employed at the damaged hotel in the central city will be made redundant on Friday. They include waiting and service personnel and chamber maids.

The hotel owner says it guaranteed a month's wages after the 6.3-magnitude quake and the workers have also been paid an additional notice period and redundancy pay.

The building is beyond repair and needs to be demolished, but the owners say the intention is to rebuild in Christchurch.

Arts Centre leases terminated

The Arts Centre Trust on Thursday announced it has terminated all tenancies and let go half its employees. Eight fulltime and 16 part-time jobs are involved.

The centre has been home to many well-known businesses including the Court Theatre and the Dux de Lux bar for more than 30 years, but it is estimated to need about $100 million worth of repairs.

The trust hopes the decision to terminate the leases will at least allow people to make plans for the future.

Arts Centre director Ken Franklin says they are still working on making the site safe and can not say when tenants will be able to return.

Mr Franklin says to keep tenants waiting for a decision would be equally unfair and difficult to deal with.

However, he is confident the best-loved parts of the centre will return to use at some stage.

Richard Sinke has run the Dux de Lux since 1978 and believes the trust's board should have discussed the situation with tenants before sending out the terminations.

Mr Sinke says he is one of many businesses which can not easily relocate and he may have to look at making many of his 60 staff redundant.