34 Christchurch patients relocated to Wellington

6:46 pm on 31 March 2011

Thirty-four patients have been relocated from Christchurch to the Wellington region as a result of the quake.

Details have been given to Capital and Coast District Health Board members before their board meeting on Friday.

The papers say 12 of the 34 patients went directly to Wellington Hospital, four of them infants needing neonatal intensive care. Five were trauma cases and two medical; one was a maternity patient.

The DHB says 22 aged residential-care patients have also gone to rest homes in Hutt Valley, Kapiti and Porirua.

It says it's on stand-by to receive Christchurch renal patients from Auckland if needed as back-up.

Neighbouring Hutt Valley DHB says about 50 children from Christchurch are enrolled in Hutt Valley schools.

Auckland's Waitemata DHB told its board this week that it has taken 11 renal dialysis patients and 21 elderly people. It still has five inpatients from Christchurch.