Quake victim back on his feet

8:04 pm on 20 May 2011

A Christchurch man who suffered a broken neck during the February earthquake has returned home for the first time after three months of rehabilitation.

Ken Hird fell off his bicycle into a crack in the road during an aftershock on 22 February. Passers-by had to keep his head above rising water brought to the surface by liquefaction.

On Friday, Mr Hird walked in the front door of his Burwood home after months at the spinal unit.

A woman who stopped to help Mr Hird, Marni Holbrook, says his recovery is a major relief.

"All I saw was Ken laying on the road with the water rising up around him and his face just trying to be kept above the water line with the liquefaction. We're just so pleased - it's amazing to see him up and walking. It's absolutely incredible."

Ms Holbrook says it was fortunate that a nurse, Andrea Robinson, who also came to Mr Hird's aid, knew how to treat people with spinal injuries.