Papers dominated by latest quakes

6:55 am on 14 June 2011

All the morning papers are dominated by Monday's earthquakes in Christchurch.

The Press

The Press headline reads 'Double Whammy'. One photo covers more than half of the front page, with dust rising from eastern hill suburbs of Christchurch, just after the second of the two large quakes struck.

In the lead story, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says announcements on the long term viability of quake-hit parts of Christchurch will not be delayed by the aftershocks.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald describes a 'City on the Edge'. There's a photograph of a clifftop home in Sumner torn apart by a rockslide which smashed part of it into pieces far below.

The paper's coverage is focused on Sumner, with one resident saying a lot of people there have 'lost the plot, and who can blame them.'

Kinsey Terrace is particularly hard hit, with up to a third of homes there believed to be uninhabitable.

The district health board says most of the 46 people taken to hospital had been knocked over, hit walls or been struck by falling objects.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says 'No, Not Again!' It features two photos of the Timeball Station, one taken at 1pm as the building was being demolished and the other at 2.20pm when the big one finished it off for good.

With at least 10 people still in hospital, the story says Monday was the last thing an already battered and broken city needed.

Inside, more pages are devoted to quake coverage, with photos of extensive liquefaction, damaged buildings and queues for water.


The Otago Daily Times asks 'When Will They Stop?' There's a timeline of all the big quakes to date, and details of the worst of Monday's 50 aftershocks.

Meanwhile, scientists are warning that the magnitude 6.0 earthquake is likely to produce its own swarm of aftershocks, delivering a number of tremors between magnitude 4.0 and 5.0 in the coming days and weeks.