Shifting silt harder this time

1:59 pm on 14 June 2011

Shovelling silt in the suburb of Bexley is proving even more difficult than after the September and February quakes.

There is no power or running water, which makes the work harder.

Residents say liquefaction from Monday's two aftershocks has brought silt that is stickier and runnier than before.

Meanwhile, residents in the suburb of Burwood are at work removing huge amounts of mud and silt.

The Dennair Estate subdivision in Burwood is again badly hit by liquefaction.

Avonside resident Leanne Curtis describes her neighbourhood as a mess.

She says there is a sink hole at least a metre deep and about two metres wide in her back yard.

Hygiene tips

Medical officer of health Ramon Pink advises people to protect themselves with gloves and gumboots if they have to handle liquefaction.

He says liquefaction is extensive on the eastern side of the city and there are reports of it inside people's homes.

Dr Pink says those dealing with liquefaction should cover themselves and pay special attention to hand hygiene.