Changes in Christchurch schooling possible

9:01 am on 15 August 2011

There could be a radical shift in the nature of schooling in Christchurch as discussions get underway on the future of education in the quake damaged city.

Shirley Boys High is expected to move from Papanui back to its site in just over a month. But both Shirley and Avonside Girls face a review after two years.

Education Minister Anne Tolley says it will be a while before more is known about the safety of the land and the full picture emerges off where the population in Christchurch will settle.

Despite the tragedy of the earthquake, she says there are now huge opportunities.

Ms Tolley told Insight that the end results may be a really different style of education in the city.

Christchurch City Council's draft plan which was issued last week, includes suggestions that the school zoning system be scrapped in the city.