Schools face bill for quake damage

5:01 pm on 31 August 2011

School principals in Christchurch are unhappy that Government insurance will not cover all of the costs of repairing damage caused by Feburary's earthquake.

Radio New Zealand's education correspondent says schools have been told they must pay for repairs to paths, playing courts, swimming pools and boiler rooms.

The Ministry of Education says it cannot afford to insure everything in New Zealand state schools and Christchurch schools will have to pay for some repairs from their property funding.

Education Minister Anne Tolley says that whether schools or the ministry pay, it is still taxpayer money.

But the Canterbury Primary Principals Association says the property funding is supposed to be used to modernise schools.

Association president John Bangma says Christchurch schools already have enough problems without paying for repairs they thought the Government would cover.

Mr Bangma hopes the Government will rethink the situation and provide extra property funding for Christchurch.