PM spends night in Christchurch for quake anniversary

8:02 pm on 4 September 2011

Prime Minister John Key will be spending Sunday night in Christchurch for the anniversary of the Canterbury quake.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Darfield on 4 September 2010.

Mr Key says he wants to show his solidarity with the Christchurch people, who have been courageous during a trying year.

Cabinet will meet in Christchurch on Monday for a series of briefings from local Government and other groups on how the recovery is progressing.

It will be the first time Cabinet has met in Christchurch in 16 years.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the first anniversary of the first Christchurch earthquake is a time to reflect on the unprecedented events.

He says the Government remains totally committed to rebuilding greater Christchurch and providing a sound future for those who call the region home.

"We wanted strongly to signal to Canterbury that, although the media focus is probably going to go off onto the World Cup and then the election, in Government circles the need for the rebuild and continued involvement here is not forgotten."

Residents 'frustrated at delays'

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker says he's proud of progress made getting the city back on its feet, though he says many residents are hugely frustrated at the time it's taking.

One year on, all residents have a water supply connection and there is a proposed design for the central business district.

However Mr Parker says there is still immense frustration at delays over land issues, including whether some homeowners can remain on their properties.

He says people are keen to move on, but have to take it one day at a time.