Four quake victims remains can't be identified

9:35 pm on 8 September 2011

Work to try to identify traces of the remaining four victims of the Christchurch earthquake has ended without success.

Of the 181 people who died in the quake on 22 February, no trace of four people who perished in the CTV building could be found.

Acting Chief Coroner Gordon Matenga says any traces of DNA was destroyed by extremely high temperatures caused by fire in the central city building.

The four victims were Shawn Lucas, Rhea Sumalpong, Elsa Torres de Frood and Valeri Volnov.

The head of the family liaison team, Inspector Mark Harrison, says the victims' families now have some form of closure and can move on to the next stage of the grieving process.

Mr Matenga says they are now working with the families and the Christchurch City Council to ensure an appropriate memorial for these people is established.