Christchurch school returns to old site

7:17 pm on 13 September 2011

Shirley Boys High School has returned to its old site in Christchurch's eastern suburbs.

The 22 February eazarthquake caused extensive damage to the school, whose 1300 students have since then shared the Papanui High School site on the other side of town.

Repairs have been carried out at the Shirley site and temporary buildings brought in to replace the administration block and library, which remain unusable.

Principal John Laurenson says while the current situation is by no means perfect, returning to the old site will help his students regain a sense of normality.

Testing of the school grounds will get under way within the next six months to work out if the school can be rebuilt on the current site or if it will have to move to another location.

Avonside Girls High School and Marian College are the only two Christchurch secondary schools that continue to share classrooms. Avonside is due to return to its old site from the beginning of next year.