Drug smoking red zone contractor fired

6:57 am on 26 November 2011

A demolition company whose employee was seen smoking marijuana on his lunch break outside Christchurch's inner city red zone is looking at making drug tests mandatory for all its workers.

A passerby reported seeing the man with his colleagues smoking the drug in a car before heading through the cordons to work on 16 November.

The group were working for a subcontractor of MacKay Leighs Demolition, which dismissed one man after he tested positive for drugs.

MacKay Leighs Demolition director Anthony Leighs says the company already carries out mandatory drug tests for all new supervisors, equipment operators and gas cutters.

He says in the light of this incident, it is considering whether to extend that policy to all new employees.

Mr Leighs says he does not tolerate that sort of behaviour from his workers.

"The red zone is a dangerous environment and working in these demolition projects is dangerous," he says.

"Not for a second could we afford to have people who have got impaired judgement."