Christchurch's court system adapted well to quakes

6:31 pm on 2 February 2012

The Minister of Courts says Christchurch's court system has adapted extremely well to the earthquakes and is paving the way for change at a national level.

In the city on Thursday, the Minister, Chester Borrows, visited seven Ministry of Justice facilities, including a marae court in the eastern suburbs and the site of a new central city courthouse.

Mr Borrows says Christchurch facilities are processing court cases at the same rate as before the earthquakes because they have been forced to operate more efficiently.

He says, with the central city courthouse out of action for some months, judges visited prisoners instead of the other way around, which saved time and money.

Mr Borrows says this is one example of many that will force the national justice system to rethink the way it operates.

The city's new courthouse which is currently being constructed will focus on jury trials and hearings will begin in mid-March.