Future still uncertain for many a year after quake

10:01 am on 19 February 2012

Many Christchurch residents and business owners still face huge uncertainty about their future, almost a year after the devastating 6.3 earthquake.

The earthquake on 22 February 2011 claimed 185 lives and destroyed parts of central Christchurch.

About 2500 residents are still waiting for a decision on the stability of their land, and hundreds of businesses are unable to use their premises in the cordoned-off central city.

Sumner resident Merryn Dunmill says she has now been told they should know by June whether she can stay on her land, but she says the date keeps getting pushed back with no explanation.

Ms Dunmill says that, as time moves on, people become despondent and there's a lot of rumour and speculation due to the lack of information.

Central city printer Joe Arts is waiting for the cordon to be removed from outside his building and the neighbouring damaged building to be demolished to allow him to reopen.