13 Sep 2008

National may talk to Maori party over seats, says Key

9:26 am on 13 September 2008

National Party leader John Key is indicating he might be willing to discuss his party's plans to axe the Maori seats in return for Maori Party support after the election.

Mr Key told Waatea News that while getting rid of the seats is long-standing party policy, it is not an issue New Zealanders go to bed worrying about.

"If we're in a position to put together a deal with potentially the Maori Party, then we'll sit down and we'll talk to them about those issues and I have no doubt that they will raise those kinds of issues with us, and, you know, MMP is a world where you have to live with compromises."

John Key says there are many areas where National is in agreement with the Maori Party.