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21 Oct 2008

Labour says commercial mines National's policy 'flip flops'

5:39 pm on 21 October 2008

[s] National Party leader John Key says his party will not be using the same tactics seen in a new Labour Party advertisement that attacks his stance on KiwiSaver.

The 30 second advertisement contrasts two photographs of Mr Key and presents contradictory statements that Labour says the National Party leader has made on KiwiSaver.

Labour leader Helen Clark says the commercial is about policy, and John Key not being consistent..

Miss Clark says she thinks people will see the humorous side of the commercial, and Labour has such a rich choice of flip-flops from National that it could keep going until the 2011 election.

She says it is up to National whether or not it retaliates with advertisements about her.

But Mr Key is shrugging off the advertisement as laughable and says his party will not respond in a tit for tat manner.

He says Labour has run out of ideas, and money, and is playing down and dirty.

Meanwhile, Miss Clark is not ruling out further advertisements in the same vein, saying there is a rich area of National's flip flops to chose from.