29 Oct 2008

Key denies claims plan to help jobless will create inequities

12:20 pm on 29 October 2008

National's leader John Key is denying the party's plan to provide assistance to victims of the recession would create inequities.

He has also been pushed to reveal more details about how the party intends to pay for the policy.

Mr Key floated the idea on Saturday 25 October, but will not yet give details, saying the full plan will be released later this week.

He has said help would be provided on a short-term basis to cover mortgage, rent and other bills.

On Monday 27 October he indicated it would come in the form of a grant.

The Greens say offering assistance to middle income earners with large mortgages would see some unemployed receive more help than others.

But Mr Key rejects that, saying helping people out on a temporary basis is the response of a compassionate government.

He declined to comment on speculation the policy would be funded from earnings generated by the bank deposit scheme.