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6 Nov 2008

No interest in coalition, says Maori Party co-leader

7:46 pm on 6 November 2008

The Maori Party does not want to be part of a coalition Government, and would instead seek a role outside Cabinet if it was in a position to do so after the election, co-leader Pita Sharples says.

Dr Sharples said on Thursday 6 November that any kind of alliance formed with another party would only happen if there was a directive from Maori people to do so.

"It won't be a coalition. We're not interested in sitting in that Government and just being buried every time we bring up something Maori.

"We would look for some budgetary responsibility outside, probably, of Cabinet."

The party intends holding hui across the country if it has the balance of power after the election, in order to get a mandate about which major party to support.

However Dr Sharples said during a Radio New Zealand debate on Thursday that the party has yet to agree exactly who will be able to take part in the hui. He said a meeting on Friday will finalise how the hui are to be managed.