7 Nov 2008

Key, Clark confident on last day of campaigning

7:03 pm on 7 November 2008

National Party leader John Key said on Friday the latest poll results showing his party in the lead are "fantastic", while Labour leader Helen Clark said the polls have got it wrong in the past.

Four polls released during the last two days of the campaign show National well ahead of Labour.

Mr Key, who was campaigning on Friday in Wellington, Palmerston North and New Plymouth, said he would still be concentrating on getting his message to voters.

"We do need to change but not just for change's sake. Those core issues - the economy, law and order, health and education - are critical.

"I think over the last three years there's been an awful lot of distraction from the current Government and we just don't have time for that."

Mr Key said the public is ready for a change and he is confident that will be reflected in the election results.

Strength in Labour vote - Clark

Labour Party leader Helen Clark, who was campaigning in Auckland on Friday, said the polls have got it wrong before.

She told Morning Report that two nights before the last election one major poll predicted a National win based on its numbers, but the actual results put Labour ahead.

"There is a lot of strength in the Labour vote out there in the heartland and we'll be campaigning hard right through 'til late tonight for every Labour supporter to come out and give us their two ticks"

Helen Clark said in the current financial climate, it is not the time to jump into the unknown by changing Government.

On the campaign trail in Auckland, Miss Clark said many voters have yet to make up their minds, the day before the election.