9 Nov 2008

Partying throughout election day

2:19 am on 9 November 2008

Party lovers prepared for election night festivities, with a nationwide organisation co-ordinating celebrations to encourage young people to vote.

The Electoral Commission threw its weight behind the Vote Party, which publicised parties around the country on its website, voteparty.co.nz.

Big-screen election night coverage in bars, free food and drinks and street parties were among the events held to boost turnout at the polls and to celebrate as the results came in.

One bash by the initiative's organisers attracted DJ Mikey Havoc to its festivities.

Event organiser, Palmerston North student James Edwards, says it was a chance to celebrate the end of exams and the first election he's voted in.

He says the party was being held at a friend's flat, with the DJ and local band Roast Beef.

Mr Edwards says he knows some young people are apathetic about politics, but he and his flatmates kept up with the election news.