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9 Nov 2008

Greens win eight seats and hopes to gain one more

4:58 pm on 9 November 2008

The Green Party is the third largest party in Parliament, and is hopeful of adding another MP.

It won 6.4% of the party vote, enough to put newcomers Kevin Hague and Catherine Delahunty into Parliament.

But the party hopes that special votes and the redistribution of votes from New Zealand First's loss will see it gain a ninth MP. Kennedy Graham would benefit if that was the case.

Co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says while it's disappointing the party won't get a shot at being in Government because of Labour's loss, it will still look for areas where it can work with National.

Russel Norman, the party's other co-leader, says the result is better than the 2005 result and although he hoped for more, he is buoyed by the fact the Greens were the only minor party to get over the 5% threshold.

He says the result has solidified the party's position as a strong, green opposition voice.

Mr Norman says the party is prepared to work with the new Government to find common ground where possible, but it will speak up where it disagrees.

He says the party has a rough idea of National's platform from the election campaign but it is yet to see the details.